2020: D is to Be Decisive

25 October 2019

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I had to make two major decisions in this busy and stressful month.

First, whether to terminate the services of a consultant who was missing deadlines and turning up late for meetings. This would be the second round of change and it will delay the completion of the website again, originally targeted before the year ends.

V tells me, “Be Decisive. Let go of what is not Artios (adequate, perfectly fitted, ready to function in the immediate present). It’s nothing personal, do not wear the pastoral hat.”




放下,放心 “Lay Down, Lay Heart”

And then I saw these Chinese words: 放下,放心 [lay down,  lay heart]  meaning to put it down and not to worry. I knew what I had to do. I discharged the consultant amicably, trusting that God has a purpose in everything, and put aside the website to prepare my heart for the coming retreat.

(A side-note: A week after my retreat, I re-looked at the plans for the website with the Lord. We went back to its purpose, tweaked the design and simplified the process; and from there I worked with the web designer to re-schedule a new completion date. Jesus is the best Consultant ever!)


To Buy or Not To Buy

The other decision was over an apartment property, which my husband was rather excited about. Somehow, the agent was simply unable to arrange for a viewing, I felt uneasy as the global economy is uncertain and God did say that there is a war coming in winter.

Just before I left for my retreat, God gave me a clear sign to buy the property but the process was a lot more complicated than normal. We agreed to leave it in the hands of God. By the time I returned, our property agents sealed the deal at the price we have set.


(Read full story in “A is for Artios”).


Trips and Plans for 2020

As is my custom, I start planning my trips for the next year - I will be turning 60 and I want to go somewhere special, to the few remaining places on my bucket list while I still can.

I also felt we may need to make a trip to China to meet with fellow torchbearers who have spread over to other cities.


Nepal on God’s Radar

I was invited by TF to go on an evangelistic trip covering India, Bhutan and Nepal, which got me excited as Bhutan was a place I had long to go since early 2000. I thought of making a side trip to another remote village in Nepal, where COBS members have helped fund the completion of a local church building. And thought maybe we could all go to Nepal for our retreat this year.

But the Holy Spirit made me see that I am making things too complicated which will detract from the peace and quiet I seek with God. So I decided that Nepal, Bhutan and India is off the table.

I discussed about a trip to South America with my husband, where we can meet up with our son in the US, but as they could not agree on a suitable date, I decided to wait and see until things become clearer. If it does not work out with them, I can make other plans.

So, it seems like, unlike other years, the trip plan for 2020 is not to have any!


Longing for Learning

Meanwhile, I considered longingly about signing up for an online Bible study course by Jewish Christian scholars. But after due consideration, I know I cannot do this in 2020 as I need to focus on getting the website done. So it has to be put on the back burner. God knows my heart’s desire for learning and surely, in His time, I will get to enjoy it.

I thank God for His timely and clear advice for each and every decision I have to make. And He says, this is how it will be like in the year to come – you have to be Decisive.

Honestly, I do not know how to cope otherwise especially when every year seems to get faster and crazier.



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