2020: D is for Darkness

26 December 2019

 I was at home when the annular solar eclipse passed Singapore.

 At exactly 1.23 pm, I watched and videoed in awe from my balcony as the moon moved to block the center of the sun. It was a spectacular sight lasting for over a minute as the bright blue sky turned dark and an eerie darkness and silence fell over the land. Even the birds went quiet in the forest in front of my house.

Figure 1 Pictures taken with my iPhone

The newspaper reported that Singapore is very lucky to have witnessed this event in its full glory – the entire length of the eclipse is about 10,000 km – a distance out of a possible 40,000 km circumference of the Earth. As a result of our fortuitous location, some 94 percent of the sun was obscured when seen from here. The outer edges of the sun was visible as a “ring of fire” as a result. The next annular eclipse visible for us will be in 2063 – in another 44 years.


Downloaded from Stargazing Singapore FB post


“Another generation…” I thought to myself, “And ending our year with a ring of fire.”

I feel God gently assuring me:

“2020 will be dark but there is a ring of fire protecting my people who hear my Voice and put their trust in me.”


Know, “Yada” When All Around You is Dark

I hang on to God’s promise as I ponder the darkness, death, the demonic and difficult times He said to expect in 2020.

I am reminded me of a lesson V taught me during the 2008 Financial Crisis – about how pilots fly their planes through storms amid zero visibility. They depend on their flight instruments completely because they know their instruments very well.                          

Similarly, as I “yada” or know God after all these years, I have learnt to trust Him completely and unquestioningly. His Voice is my only compass and flight instrument in times of complete darkness.


Fruitfulness amidst Difficult Times

Another phenomena had appeared in Singapore a few days earlier.

Unseen before, thousands of storks appeared in our skies. My daughter captured their beautiful flight from her balcony and only realized they were storks when a couple flew really close to her. Some say that the storks are a sign of fertility.

Figure 2 Picture taken with by my daughter with her phone

I take it as another of God’s assurance of fruitfulness and abundance.

I said a little prayer over our households and our nation. May He remember His people in whatever darkness, maybe a financial crisis or worse a great war, that lies ahead.


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