2019: Winding Down the Year with Honour

By Sara, 28 Nov 19

This morning, paraphrasing from 1 Timothy 5:17, I scribbled in my journal:

“Those who rule well – double honour – especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.”


When I wrote that down, the word “Honour” lighted up and grew bigger. I found a sparkly pen to draw that word on my journal. 

As I drew, I realized I have almost forgotten about the word for this year – 

that it is “A Year of Abundance of Riches and Honour/Nobility”. 


My Early Morning Chat

I instantaneously recalled the Holy Spirit’s gentle question in the early morning when I was still in bed, “This year you have seen your country and your Prime Minister honoured in many countries, haven’t you?” 

Indeed, our hardworking Prime Minister have been on the road quite a bit to build more ties and open up trade links – Armenia, India, US, the United Nations, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea, to name a few, and most recently to Mexico, where he started his speech with this statement:

“ Singapore's reputation for competence and integrity is a valuable resource that has currency even across the Pacific Ocean, and is a competitive advantage in a world of growing protectionism and uncertainty.” 


“Dirt Spoons” of South Korea

Conversely, I read in the papers this morning of young people in South Korea, living in 6.6 sq m cubicles, with no money and no hope for the future, turning against their President, calling themselves “dirt spoons.” 

Saddening, isn’t it? 


Breakdown in Hong Kong

A news program on TV last night reported that mental illness in Hong Kong is as high as 1 out of 3 people, with many young people feeling depressed, stressed and anxious about their lives!

I thought of the increasingly violent display of disenchantment in this bustling city, going on for 6 months now.  I am stunned and saddened by scenes of young people going on a frenzied rampage, injuring other citizens and thrashing public property and transport systems, protesting against police brutality whilst they themselves have become increasingly brutal to others. 

I eventually turned it all off as I could not bear to watch anymore. Perhaps one day, these young people will awaken to this insanity and be guilt-stricken for life when they realise what they had done. This generation may have really lost it.

I am so thankful for the relative peace and prosperity we enjoy in Singapore, even though we are not without our problems.


Honour – a Valuable Currency in Times As This

The economic landscape of the world has changed extensively after the sub-prime crisis in 2008, and many countries, even the once strong and wealthy ones, are facing huge problems - a widening income gap, financial hardship, unaffordable housing, dissonance, social unrest, noise, anarchy, dubious information and news and so on.  

I thought to myself - we have come up safe and well thus far because of God’s promise for our nation… yes indeed, this is a Year of Abundance for us – of wealth, nobility and honour. 

Double honour, in fact, to quote my Prime Minister – “known for our competence and integrity”- which in a time of great deceit, dissonance and distrust, prove to be rather useful and economically advantageous.

Still, I felt a need to say a prayer for our nation:

“Lord, as this year of abundance of honour, nobility and wealth winds down, I give thanks and pray that we may never become proud, arrogant or complacent; never to get carried away by the adulation of Man, but only to humbly prostrate before you – grateful that You have helped us – our families and our nation – navigate through a tumultuous time in this world – of economic uncertainty, of fire and heat, and of lack. Help us to continue to be a blessing and a torch. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”



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