Fading of Time...

May 1, 2020 

Saw the word: TIME.
I drew the word on my journal.

And prayed:

“Lord, thank you for this reminder. Grant me the wisdom and grasp of time and its scarcity and importance, like the sons of Issachar. To seize it and be a good steward of this resource: Time.”


Then the Holy Spirit led me to shade the word “TIME” with a black pen. It looked a bit messy for my liking…

He said: “Time is fading away.”
And led me to look back on my life…

I reflected - I have worked hard all these years. I tried to recall all the good things He told me to take stock of and to stock up many years ago. I remembered I had sketched in my journal then, of faith, promises, testimonies, lessons, resources etc., all stacked up in a multi-tiered storage cage.


It was reassuring, as though they have all been stocked up for such a time.

Yes. TIME is of the essence.

I felt a sudden urgency to take hold of whatever remaining time there is left for me on this earth.

Or is it for this earth…?

One thing for sure, the year 2020 is fading away... with lockdowns of cities and life at a standstill with the pandemic.

And for me, all my big travel plans to celebrate my big 6-0 have all but evaporated.

Update: July 6, 2020
Woke up this morning with V telling me:

“About the fading of time, time is running out for USA soon….”

I wondered what that meant.

I suddenly recalled a dream about two weeks ago. It was a night of many dreams so I didn’t want to put too much thought into it as it could simply be due to fatigue. I went to check my notes.
In that dream, I saw a big creamy white snake with a small head slither up to President Trump, who was speaking at a rostrum. It bit him on one leg and he died instantly!

Four years ago, when Trump was running for the presidency, I was alerted by V that there will be an assassination attempt on him. I was then quickened to lead my China and Singapore members to fast and pray for his protection and to reach out to my friends in the US to pray as well.

But this time, I held back, mindful that the Lord had commanded us to stand watch over our respective countries. I also know that many good people there are praying for their country and their President.

Perhaps I was apprehensive too about his seeming callousness to the loss of lives in this pandemic and did not seek the Lord about the dream. So, I repented before God and prayed for mercy for I know how much God loves America.

I am sure if her people would put her trust in God once again, they will come under His divine protection and guidance in the myriad of challenges they are facing in this pandemic, in the coming presidential elections and in their country.

May God grant them an extension of time.

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