2018: Year of the [Ordinary] Woman

January 11, 2018 

I chanced upon a picture book of women taken by a photographer in 60 countries. They look so beautiful in their natural state - in their traditional costumes, going about their daily life, homemakers, young girls and old ladies.

Then V said: this is the Year of the Woman.

“Huh? What about the coming together, the regathering and the 开花结果 that KK and YY received during our year-end retreat?” I asked .

V: “Remember the Justice League movie?

He added: “It was Wonder Woman who gathered the team together to save the world from a catastrophic threat, at a time when everyone is feeling hapless, down and disheartened by the death of Superman.”

But God is not talking about powerful and prominent women like Deborah the Judge and Queen Esther but fearless and quick-witted homemakers like:

  • Jael: with her strong and steady hands, she drove a peg through the head of the sleeping enemy, one whom even the men are terrified of,
  • Abigail: whom the servants trust and turn to in order to save the household from annihilation at the reckless decisions of her foolish husband, and
  • Little known mothers and grandmothers: who produced and nurtured great men and women in the bible.
"These are the wonder women."
Figure 1.  A little boy gave me this journal for Christmas in 2019. 🙂 Holder and Sticker from my daughter.
Somewhat amused, I started typing what I felt the Lord is saying about 2018:
I pasted it in on the inside cover of my new journal for the year.

But the title still does not seem quite complete or accurate.
Hmmm… “Simple” I added it in.
“No, it’s “Ordinary”, I felt V say.

 So here it is:

I told the team members to expect more babies born in the coming years, especially baby boys, and tried to explain the meaning of spontaneous fruit in Chinese.

I like what they interpreted in Chinese – 自来自发的果子. (Literal translation: Fruit that comes by itself and grows by itself). Prepare to be surprised!  😃


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