Power of Praying Moms!

March 17, 2017

Journalling in my quiet time, I wrote the date:


I somehow wrote the ‘17’ much bigger than the ‘3’. 

Like the number ‘3’ was sandwiched between the two ‘17’s.

‘17’ is the number for victory, as one pastor said.

I asked God, “What is ‘3’?”

I couldn’t wait for an answer as immediately after that, I had to start the prayer meeting for a group of women who had gathered in my home. I felt the peace that whatever that number 3 was, it was guarded with victory on the left and right.

Sons in Distress

One lady texted that she couldn’t come as her son had a big fight with her the night before and had threatened to kill himself. He then suffered a gastric attack and was in acute pain, so she had to take him to the doctor.

Another lady shared in the meeting that her younger son also threatened to kill himself that week as he was very depressed and angry with his father.

And my son, who had just started working in the US, spoke to me last week, depressed about being tricked by an old man asking for help. He had felt so angry for allowing himself to be conned of his hard-earned salary.

Power of Rhema Praying Mothers

It was excruciating to hear what some of these women are going through. The Holy Spirit led us to minister and pray for one another. The women saw a happy hope for the future after I shared how God helped me overcome the challenges in my marriage and over my children through much prayer.

I was so tired after the meeting that day; I still have an evening event to attend with my husband. I prayed that the Lord would give me his joy and strength.

24 August 2019

Going through this particular journal entry to look for materials for the website, I suddenly realised what that number ‘3’ meant on that day – it was our three distressed sons! God promised victory for all three of them on that day! 

My son, after he got over his anger, went to do some quick investigative work on his own (the police were of no help), tracked down the perpetrator’s family member and managed to recover his money. Things have improved with the other two sons as well; I have not had any urgent calls for prayer over them since.

Thank you, Lord, for the victory!

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