The Day When God Sent Me a Durian

Dec 26, 2017

I was walking home from breakfast and saw that there was fogging (a chemical spray against mosquitoes) at my estate. V told me to go into the forest to get durians[1].  

I said “Nah” as I didn’t want durians falling on my head. After my hand injury, I didn’t need any more mishaps. I would prayer walk up to Raintree Condo instead. When I was done, I turned home. I saw that the fogging was still going on.

The Holy Spirit said, “Go into the forest now. I will send angels to protect your head.”

So I trod inside. The ground was still wet and slippery. I walked gingerly, thinking, “Can’t afford to fall as my thumb is still raw and painful.”

The smell of durians was everywhere. Mainly from people who ate them and discarded the shells on the ground. How would I find durians without trampling inside? I imagined snakes in the undergrowth — not my favourite animal.

I ran into four or five men and women on the path. Two were Filipino domestic helpers pulling a trolley packed with durians, rather pleased with their haul. A man from China walking in front of me remarked loudly in Mandarin, “No more durians liao.” (Maybe he wanted to eliminate further competition ☺ but I thought he was quite right, considering the haul by the two Filipino ladies earlier.)

Then he went on to clear his throat and spat on the ground.

Somewhat disgusted, I turned back to head home.

Just about 30 metres after I turned, I heard a thud behind me.

The Holy Spirit told me to turn back. So I did.

And here came this little durian rolling down the path towards me, stopping right at my feet.

The Chinese man was far ahead but I could see his jaw drop.

Hahaha yes! God, thank You for this little durian.



[1] Durian – a pungent fruit but with a sweet and milky flesh. It is loved by many in Southeast Asia but hated by those who cannot take its smell, which is sometimes described as rotting garbage. Known as the king of fruit, it has an intimidating spiky and hard exterior shell. The tree grows tall and it bears its fruit in very hot weather. When ripened or when the winds blow hard, it will fall to the ground. In Singapore, it is a delight when the durian season comes around; the price for the best durians from Malaysia is sometimes touted to be as pricey as gold.


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