Traversing with God’s Word in His Space and Time

January 12, 2020

Meeting the web team, I tried hard to explain my conundrum of trying to organise the release God’s word for the past years while trying to keep the posts current and up to date. It was a difficult, near impossible, task beyond my very organised mind. 

Then, I blurted out that God’s sense of time and space is not based on the chronological and human time; it traverses time and space like in the movie “Matrix”. 

The answer became obvious as the words rolled off my tongue – I do not need to organise it! All I need to do is to let His Spirit lead, for then it will be a word in His perfect ‘kairos’ time. Just like the biblical word, written thousands of years ago, but speaks to the spirit of Man even today, totally alive and relevant. 

That was the ‘eureka’ moment for me and I felt the internal pressure within me fizzled out as Kelly exclaimed: “I know - 双项同行 (meaning “parallel items/twin barrels moving on the same track!)  Just like the supercar God showed you in your quiet time this morning.”

And it became clear as day. 

We will release two sets of writings every week, organized by the Holy Spirit and by the message God wants to release. And trust and know that, His word shall be relevant and powerful, for whomever His Spirit so pleases to touch in His time and in His space.

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