There is Power in Celebrating with God

March 2022

A few months ago, I had a video chat with a member in Canada who was going through a very painful divorce. Her spirit was oh so weary and her heart so heavy, even though she tries hard to manage a smile for me. 

Then I heard these familiar words…

“Tell her to celebrate Christmas and the Lunar New Year with all of her strength and her heart, for celebration is a form of worship unto me.”

I told her what God had said and asked her to look at how far she has come; how God has rescued her and protected her and her child through it all. So now, it is time to go out and celebrate the days ahead with a thankful heart and a grateful spirit, laying down all hopes for her estranged husband to turn, trusting that God knows exactly what is happening and His perfect will will be done in His way and in His time.

Last month, she sent me a voice message, her voice filled with great joy and delight, as she described how her parents and her were totally set free, like a dark and heavy cloud over their home has lifted, as they really went all out to celebrate these two important festivals. 

She expressed her wish to meet up and chat again, knowing that it was difficult as I was really swarmed and hard-pressed for time.  

A week later, we met online and I was stunned by the transformation in her demeanour and in her face, not just hers but her mother’s too. They were glowing and looked many years younger than the last time I saw them ☺. This time, she is smiling from deep within. 

I felt the tenderness of God’s love for her, beaming with pride at this beautiful woman, whom He has restored from inside out. 

With great joy, she described how different they feel now. It was like they have forgotten the joy they had in the past during such festive seasons and God has suddenly restored that when they obeyed His instruction to go all out to celebrate. 

Yes, there is power in celebrating with God.



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