The Well – A Lifesaver or A Trap

30 December 2020

After a worship meeting in November, I shared about the mystery of the well and how it led me to help an Iranian family. Yanli then uttered two Chinese words that she heard in her spirit: 陷阱(xian jing).  

It has the same pronunciation as the well but this time it means a snare or a trap. V said to me: “The well can be a source of water (for survival and refreshing) but dry wells can also be a death trap.”


Warning about Dry Wells

Taking stock of 2020 and reviewing notes for the watchnight meeting, I was led to think about the well again. I checked online and found that the well represents community, as it is often in the centre of the village or town where people gather. It also has spiritual meanings.

Here is a summary of what I found:


Beware of Scammers and Prideful Christians

With the economic crisis that follows this pandemic, I feel that God is cautioning us to be aware of dry wells - scammers and schemes that hold no substance.

I also feel it is a warning to be careful of people who are very good in doctrines but do not have the love of Christ within them. They are dry wells which will entrap one in religious pride and bring about spiritual dryness and death.

I enquired the Lord about a person who is obviously deluded but he is absolutely sure about his convictions. I questioned if my discernment was wrong. And the Lord answered, “Remember I taught about judging the tree by its fruit?”

Ah, yes a person welling with rivers of living waters will produce good fruit of the Spirit and will bring life and life abundantly to everything and everyone around - when the centre of his well is the Lord.



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