The Safest Place

Nov 2019

About 10 years ago, I dreamt that a tsunami hit the east coast of Singapore.

I was driving along the ECP (East Coast Parkway) and panicked when I saw the waters come onto the highway; worried, as my children are all seated in the back. I frantically drove up the ramp to exit the highway at Bedok, as my children cried out in fear at the waves that were already licking the back of my car.


Impact of Rising Sea Levels on our Little Island

The Holy Spirit led me then to look for the impact of rising sea levels on Singapore and I discovered a study already done by the government which not made public (until August this year when our Prime Minister addressed the issue of climate change in his National Day Rally speech).

As we are a small island state, with most of our country sitting just above the sea level, we are very vulnerable.

I super-imposed their extrapolation of a future rise of 5m of the sea level to our map and was stunned to discover that if that happens, the East Coast area where I lived will be under water.


I shared with the members, some who are also staying in the East, and urged them to ask the Lord and decide for themselves what to do. Maybe we will not live to see it happen but I felt we have to consider the safety of our future generations, mindful of the dream where I feared most for my children.

I suggested looking to stay on higher ground - places where it says hill, bukit or shan (hill in Chinese). YY, who also lives in the East, scribbled down specific blocks in Tampines and Bedok North she felt they must avoid.


My Exodus From the East to the Heart of Singapore

Two years after that dream, the Lord led my husband to a property at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill, the highest point of Singapore which stands only at 164m above sea level.

I was somewhat reluctant then to move out of my comfort zone in the East, where I had lived since I was born, a place I love dearly and where most of my siblings live. It is where I was taught spiritual warfare and have prayer walked and watched over for so many years. Furthermore, I was not willing to pay so much for a property, content with the smaller apartment we are living in.

God had shown me that this is where the heart of Singapore is, surrounded by water catchment areas and the rainforest. I asked Kelly for confirmation and she sent me a prophetic dream from the Elijah list she had just received. It was very intriguing. I knew this is where God wants me to move to.

We purchased the property at a great price (that is another story) that is confirmed by the Lord. We only moved in three years later, after my youngest daughter finished her studies in the East side.


Rising Sea Levels, Not Fake News

Over the past few years, as I see what is happening around the world, with floods and rising sea levels creating great problem for islands like ours, I am thankful I had obeyed the call to move.

In Nov 2019, more than 85% of the beautiful city of Venice went underwater to as high as 1.6m in the worst flooding the city has seen in 50 years!



The Safest Place

We love our new home. It is the house on the hill where the air is fresh and the view green. Most of all, it is the place that God has picked for us and our children, even though the location took me, an urban dweller, some time to adjust to; having to grapple with snakes, monkeys and insects and to wage fresh warfare.

The problem of rising sea levels is real and is a global challenge. But for me and my household, I am at ease, for I know that we are in the safest place -  which is to be in the centre of His perfect will for us.


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