The Art of Mental Prayer

23 June 2022

“The best way to control our thoughts is to offer the mind to God in complete surrender. The Holy Spirit will accept it and take control of it immediately…. Long practice in the art of mental prayer (that is, talking to God inwardly as we work or travel) will help to form the habit of holy thought. AW Tozer in “Born After Midnight” Chapter 10 “To Be Right, We Must Think Right”.

Yes Lord, my mind is so heavy and weary. I do a mind check. Oh my, it is so overcrowded! I check my to-do list - more than 60 items! 

I lay my hands on my head and pray aloud, 

“Lord, I surrender my thoughts and my mind completely to you!”

Ahhhh… I feel the heaviness of burdens and stress leaving me already. ☺

My mind becomes light and clear; the tasks ahead not weighing on my soul anymore. 

Thank you Lord. 


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