MMM 8 March 2021

So many distractions. 

Struggling to worship God as I am weighed down with so many responsibilities.

My heart groaned as this song: “Break every chain” came on:

Lord, so many fires out there…

M&R, Kelly, Ollie sick again…

Lord help me…

I’m reminded of a thought when worship just started: 

“Contentment is a dangerous thing.”

Yes, I understand how David felt. 

Battle weary. Mentally and spiritually burned out.

No more desire to run or fight anymore that got him into trouble.

I prayed for myself as I recalled this thought now:

Revive in me a spirit of Caleb Lord. 

To embrace (yes that word again) every challenge and “duty”.

So that I may arise and fight like Caleb. 

That at 80, my arms and mind and heart will still be focused on You. 

And take hold of the land you are giving us. 

So, Lord help me not lose heart. 

Help me arise to finish this last lap of my life like Caleb 

- to take this fight to the next level and finish well and victorious to the last day of my life.”


From a 5-Year Plan to a 20-Year Plan

V: Do you know why you cannot find your 5-year dream board? It’s time you do a 20-year vision board. From 2021 to 2040. 

I was a little flabbergasted. You see, I normally do a 5-year plan; setting goals and then putting it down on a 5-Year Dream board. The last board was for 2017 to 2021. I review it every once in a while, and usually before year-end when I take stock of the year. But it has gone missing. Mysteriously. Because I knew exactly where I usually put it but it is not there. 

Now, V wants me to do a 20-year Vision board! That is a bit of a stretch, right? 

I suddenly realised I’ll be 80 by 2040! Caleb’s age :)

V: Next 20 years is for you to reach 80 to be like Caleb! You are not a Caleb now. You still have not arrived yet that’s why you are tired and worn down. It will take you another 20 years of training to become strong and courageous like Caleb and that is when the real battle begins. 

Now even more flabbergasted. 

Oh no, it’s not time for retirement yet? 

That was the plan in my last dream board. To retire in 2022.

It dawned upon me…

This is not the last lap of my life yet.

It’s the preparation for the last lap…

A 20-year training and preparation for the last lap! 

Oh my.

In total resignation and obedience, I took time to hear what God is showing me and went on to do a 20-year Vision Board, completing it in April. Here is a glimpse of it.

Update: Dec 29, 2021

Taking stock to prepare for the watchnight on 31 Dec 2021, I recalled what V had shown me last year what a 2020 vision meant: can only see what is directly in front, no planning ahead…

It certainly had been really foggy in the past two years.  

Oh dear, are the next twenty years going to get a lot more foggier?


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