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As we come to the end of this series “Bringing Up Sara”, let me emphatically say that neither the COBS members or myself are prophets nor do we harbour any intentions to be one, even though God has shown us things and messages for the future. We are simply followers of Christ living, as Watchman Nee wrote in his book, “a normal Christian life”. 

I only pray that in sharing some of what He has taught me, you may desire to know Him and be taught by Him yourself. If anyone should question what has been shared, I look to the Lord to defend what He has shown me. I take all feedback, questions and even my own doubts to the Lord. I urge you to do so too. Sometimes He explains it and sometimes He does not. Sometimes He tells me to explain it, and sometimes not. I have no time or energy to prove anything; I could not do so even if I wanted to anyway. 


1111, Transit, Transmit, Transfer, Transform

Towards the end of 2015, God showed me 1111 again, one of the signposts V has given us. This time, it appeared something like this:

To me, they seemed like two sets of doors. One on the left and one on the right.

One door to exit from and one to enter into. 

V asked me to read verses 11:11 of the four gospels - the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 

And led me to put each of these four words in each of the quadrant on a to-do list marked by 4 quadrants, the cross in the centre, together with one of the 11:11 verses in each:





And said, 

“2016 is going to be a year of Transition, Transmission, Transference and Transformation. 

You are entering into a time of movement and change.”

For us, I knew instinctively that it was time to leave the Vault and break the team up after years of walking together. We have to close this chapter so that we can enter into the new. 

He also showed me three words; all in bold capital letters: 


I mused: Is there going to be a three-year war in the heavenly realm following the four seasons of movement and change?


One Door Close, Many Doors Open

I closed the Prayer Vault on December 31, 2015. Some could not bear to leave it, but I had no problem with that. God had spoken. It was time for them to go out of the door. I prepped them to go out and start their own COBS meeting – at home or in the marketplace. 

With the love of Christ shared among us and the dunamis power of God, I trust that they will live healthy and fulfilled Christian lives – building strong marriages, happy homes and raising good and abundant fruit/children. It was also time for Asha, whom we have loved and nurtured, to return to China. 

Six months on, there are three COBS homes in China and in Singapore, meeting once or a few times a week, worshipping God together. 


Heightened Spiritual War

For me, I thought it would be a time of rest for me after years of teaching, loving and caring for them but it turned out to be a transitional and transformation period for me as well. This period of “rest" was far more dangerous – as I battled spiritual boredom, with the devil taunting and pouring scorn on everything I have learnt and shared. 

My loved ones come under severe attack, even snakes suddenly appear in my path as I walk on the trails outside my home. It was an intense time of breakdown and things started to fall apart in my home and in me. I feel strong at times and I feel overwhelmed at other times. When things get too difficult to handle, I run into the safe embrace of the Lord, who is always faithful, always there. He breaks but He also holds together. He protects as His enemy works hard to harm my mind. 

And it is not just me, but the members too; all are experiencing a heightened spiritual war, within and without.

I learned to pace myself; to handle one challenge at a time, brace myself to fix one thing at a time and to take one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, step by step, and soon found myself walking in rhythm with the Lord once again, happy and well.


The 3-Year War or World War III?

At the same time, so much trouble sprang up all over the world. The three-year war has begun it seems, involving big corporations, terrorist groups and governments. The Assyrian spirit (a very ruthless spirit that seeks to annihilate God’s people) is fighting hard and the world is seeing an increase in anti-Christianity sentiments, violence and lawlessness. 

I was led to read many good books and to attend conferences and talks by economists and investment companies, one in the US. One book that made me sit up was “Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis” by James Rickards. 

He observed that in the past two World Wars, where millions lost their lives in unparalleled brutality over almost the entire globe, what preceded was a currency war, a war involving trade. 

I felt my spirit tighten, bearing in mind what a teacher once said, “What happens in the natural realm is often preceded by the spiritual…”. Are all these spiritual wars we are experiencing a prelude to what may be a world war, starting with trade and currency, and a global breakdown within and without? 

That would be terrible.

I understand now why He showed us the door. After all the years of worshipping together in the safety of a secure vault, He is sending us out to prepare ahead for difficult, and maybe dangerous, times ahead. 

We are going to have a lot more praying to do.


Update May 13, 2023

As I revisit the words I wrote above, this one got my attention: “One Door Close, Many Doors Open”. 

Just before our retreat in Pai in Nov 2022, a young lady from China, Grace, sent this picture which I thought looked rather spooky then. 

As I look at the picture again, I have a foreboding of increasing evil, with many people kept in bondage; not only that, in layers and layers of bondage, as these evil doors lead from one to another, and another, and another, almost unending, like infinity mirrors. 

Notice the key? I had circled it in red. It has a chain. The word that comes to my mind is “Imprisonment”.  

Oh my… war, Imprisonment, unending bondage, impossible to get out… and the coming of “The Mother of All Wars”. https://www.communityofbrokenspirit.org/blog/2023-the-letter-m-and-the-mother-of-all-wars

Lord, have mercy upon us. Show us what to do, how to pray, how we may stand in the gap and if it is possible, I hope and I pray, this dreadful war may be averted, or we and our loved ones, or our country, may be spared from it.

And as soon as I uttered my prayer, gently, I heard six familiar words in Chinese in my spirit once again... the same words I heard in Beijing, China, on 11 March 2011, without me knowing then that a huge earthquake and tsunami was happening in Japan which led to the greatest nuclear disaster in Fukushima. My sister was with me and I told her she had to explore the Forbidden City by herself for a while as I felt that I needed to walk around the Temple of Heaven and pray. 

I walked seven times around it, praying only with these six Chinese words the Holy Spirit gave me, over and over with every step I took:


Translation: “Remember your righteous ones”.

Thank you Lord, for showing me how to pray, once again, as we face the daunting future ahead. 

Remember Your Righteous Ones.

Remember Your Righteous Ones.

Remember Your Righteous Ones.

This I pray in Jesus’ most holy name



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