MMM 30/8/2021

Feeling bad about falling into temptation last night playing the word game on the phone until 2 am, V said to me this morning:

You don’t have to feel bad about failing. It is all warfare – now the big one is defeated, you have only the low level demons to fight – so get up and fight! Easy peasy for you.

Then I suddenly realised – the huge colony of bats parked outside in the forest had disappeared! They must have been taken out by the dunamis storm that has been pounding our island for several days.

Thank you Lord.


It’s a Spirit of Revenge

I started praying and recalled a Facebook post of something called “Procastination Revenge”. Found this online.


“Revenge bedtime procrastination” describes the decision to sacrifice sleep for leisure time that is driven by a daily schedule lacking in free time. For people in high-stress jobs that take up the bulk of their day, revenge bedtime procrastination is a way to find a few hours of entertainment even though it results in insufficient sleep.

Then it dawned upon me. I am dealing with a spirit of revenge!

So instead of feeling like a failure for failing to overcome temptation, I knew exactly what to do.

In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of revenge and cover myself with the blood of Jesus. God says: “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” So in Jesus’ name, I pray for healing of my brain cells, my mind, my eyes and demand the restitution of lost time and thoughts and rest.

 I laid hands on my tired head and eyes.

 I saw something descend from the sky. Is it a sword or a cross so I may slay this demon?

 No, as it got bigger, I saw a small jug. Out of it, oil was poured out, dripping on my head.

 Thank you Lord for the oil of healing and for the infilling of your Spirit. For always providing me with what I sorely need even before I know what I need.

 You are the most awesomest God.


Cleaning up after the Storm

Suddenly, the skies opened up again and a huge storm descended.

It’s a good thing we decided to worship at home this Monday instead of meeting together. I cancelled my gym training in the afternoon, to see if there are any other demons lurking that need cleaning up.



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