2019: The Year of Adventure

Feb 2019

I receive two sets of free “ang-pow”[1] packets from my car dealer which they customarily give out to their customers for the Chinese New Year. 


Printed on the reverse of these packets (above):



步步高升 (Translation: Advancement every step)

May you go places this new year

红运当头 (Translation: Hot red luck is appearing before you)

That, I know is God’s confirmation about the letter A.

And this year will be a Year of Adventure for me!

Going Places, New Adventures

This has been an amazing year of travel for even an avid traveler for me. When I look back, it has been crazy, some quite unplanned for, but it just presented itself:

Jan: Phuket, Thailand

Feb: Perth, Australia

Mar: 19 days in Russia

April: London, Berlin and Prague

May: Hanoi, Vietnam

June: The Dramatic Arrival of my grandson, Oliver 

Aug: Perth, Western Australia

And a couple more lined up in the next few months.

When the Lord told me to rest well in 2018, he did tell me to prepare for a busy time in 2019

[1]Literally means “red packet” which we fill in with cash to give out as a blessing during the Chinese Lunar New Year to unmarried relatives and guests.

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