Sat Evening, 30/5/20, Day 54 of Circuit Breaker

I came down suddenly with a severe bout of food poisoning. My stomach churned and rumbled in pain in tandem with the sounds of the rumbling of the skies throughout the entire night. I am so glad that KK and YY have been led to fast from 23/5 to 31/5. I texted the team about my condition.

There were so many sounds in the skies as I laid down, too sick and weak to get up. First, it was like bombing going on and then I hear the sound of planes continually flying pass. I dragged myself out to look at the skies. It was cloudy and I could hear the planes but couldn't see them. We have the occasional helicopters that fly pass. But never continuously like this.


The Purging Continues

Sunday, 31/5/20 Day 55 of Circuit Breaker

My diarrhea intensified. I have already purged about 10 times from Sat night to Sun.

God says 6 pm. Persevere.

5.30 pm:    Sharon was led to get team to intercede, as she burped away.

5.55 pm:    I saw a white cloth unfold with surgical instruments. A surgeon was preparing for surgery. An Indian worker was lying on the hospital bed looking worried. Then two more. All getting ready for surgery, I lay one hand on my head, which was heavy and pained.

The word “Imagination” appeared.

God then says He will heal the minds and get rid of unholy imaginations among these migrant workers. So that they may be free from addiction from pornography, fornication and all sorts of sexual perversion and addiction.

After that, I fell asleep on my couch.

6.23 pm:    I awoke and read messages among the team while I was sleeping.

YL and YY were led by the Holy Spirit to call each other to pray. Sharon vomited out the remaining evil spirits of gluttony, whoredom, intoxication, lawlessness and destroyed everything that I have mentioned earlier.

I suddenly found that the dull headache I had had left and my stomach was no longer in pain, although still bloated.

6.24 pm:    Sharon sends a picture of the dark and cloudy sky cleared up by a bright and white V cloud she took at 6 pm. She feels a lot better now, although tired, after all the throwing up.


The Aaronic Blessing over Singapore @ Pentecost

8.00 pm:   

The Blessing Singapore was released on YouTube. It was a montage of the Aaronic blessing song sung by 177 local churches, in our 4 official languages, by all ages and as one voice.

Praise God! I feel the pleasure of the Lord over us in Singapore. There is going to be peace in our land. Hallelujah!



Love Heals and Sets Free

Monday, 1 June 2020

This morning, I drove out to send my husband’s car to the workshop even though I still felt a little weak. Car repairs were still allowed during this lockdown.

In the car park, were two Indian or Bangladeshi workers directing traffic. I waved to them and made a peace sign. I see the sparkle and smile in their eyes beneath the mask they were wearing. They waved back happily.

After returning, I had another 2 rounds of purging after breakfast; my back now sore and weak. I prayed for a thorough cleansing of whatever is unclean that God wants me to purge. As I started worshipping God, I remembered the two happy foreign workers this morning.


V said:

“Love them. Love will set them free – the foreigners among you, just as you always have loved those from China, now extend love to the Banglas, the Indians and the rest. After this they will be free.”

I realised what God has done.

The wild virus spread to the foreign workers community is in His perfect will! It has always puzzled my husband and I why this virus has not spread among migrant workers in some other countries, where their living condition is probably worse.

Now I know.


No Longer Invisible to Us

There are about 1.4m foreigners working in Singapore, almost 25% of the population. About 1m are work permit holders i.e. blue-collar workers and domestic maids. 322,000 of these workers live in dormitories where the contagion has spread wildly, accounting for nearly all the 35,000 covid19 cases Singapore.

We have taken them for granted as they do the jobs that Singaporeans shun. Through this pandemic, God has opened the way for us to care for them and make them feel loved in their hour of need; which then sets them free from the sin nature of Fornication that they are held hostage to. These migrant workers are no longer invisible to us.

In fact, it is gratifying to see that many volunteers and movements have sprung up to help them. I was happy to contribute my little part for them as well.


The Torchbearer for the 7th Torch

On 30/5, I asked God about the missing 7th torch in the East. I realise now, since God has said that the East gate is locked up and is not a permanent place to remain in, the torch is for anyone who is called to raise up this 7th torch – of union, of joy and of love.

As someone born and raised in the East, walking the land and watching over it for so many years until I had to make my exodus to the heart of Singapore, I guess God picked me to hold up the 7th torch this time.

On my couch yesterday, I laid in pain on behalf of the Indian workers while God operated on them, healed them and patched them up. Today, God sent me to give them the sign of peace and love to heal them and set them free.


The Final and Greatest Weapon is Love

Holding this torch of God’s great love, I prayed for God’s love to cover all over Singapore, and especially over Little India, Chinatown and Geylang. Indeed, His love, only His love, can cover a multitude of sins – for ourselves, for the foreigners amongst us and for our land.

My stomach infection cleared up fully right after this, with no more pain and no more diarrhea. With that, I know that our battle is finally finished :D

On this very day, Jun 1, 2020, Singapore government declared that we have flattened the curve and contained the spread among the local community.  The Circuit Breaker is finally lifted, after 55 days of lock down.


Indeed, the last and greatest weapon, more powerful than any gun or artillery in the heavenly realm, is LOVE.


The Turnaround

Update: Dec 2020

The government enforced stricter measures and discipline among the foreign workers while dorm operators were given help and time to upgrade dorm conditions. Massive community care facilities were built quickly to treat up to 20,000 migrant workers who are not seriously ill, freeing up hospital beds for those who need them.

The infection rate in the community and the dorms tapered off, with nearly zero deaths reported in the months that followed.


On 18 Sept, daily dormitory infections dropped to single digits

On 13 Oct, no new cases were reported in dorms for the first time!

Thank you Lord for the Victory! All praises and glory be to our Almighty God!

With this, I conclude the warfare series.

It took me more than a year to put this report together as different variants of the Covid19 virus surfaced in the months that followed, causing a 2nd and 3rd wave locally and globally over the past year. We needed to continue to watch and battle on.

Nevertheless, it has been insightful for me to revisit God’s lessons on spiritual warfare and I hope it is for you too. The full report, our First Battle against Covid19 Part 1 and 2, is saved in the The Library section/ SOBS/ Reports.

God bless you.


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