Celebrating is a Form of Worship

March 2022

When I first started reading the bible as a new Christian, starting with the Old Testament, I was fascinated that God would so carefully lay down the many festivals and feasts that the Israelites have to celebrate every month, every change in season and every year. I thought then - this God really tries hard to find a reason to celebrate with His people. He really loves to party! That resonated well with me because I love to party too! 

Jesus was no exception it seems. Besides the first recorded miracle he performed at a boisterous wedding party, nothing seems to please him more than to sit down at a meal with his disciples. For the Chinese, and I believe for most people, feasting together is a major aspect of celebrating. And we really know how to feast

Some time later in my Christian life, V said to me some time ago: 

“Celebration is also a form of worship.”

In the Old Testament, The Almighty God feasts with His people through the burnt offerings. Not that He needs to “eat” but I think, like Jesus, He loves to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labour after a significant event or after a season of hard work. I think it is particularly because He played a big part in it and in His magnanimity, He wants to celebrate their accomplishments together with His. 

So, in COBS, we celebrate together often – festivals, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, new year and so on. We celebrate because we remember and acknowledge Him as the Great Provider for all of our needs. Every time we get together to celebrate, we sense His satisfaction with what was accomplished and feel Him laugh and join in the revelry with us. 

So for the next few posts, I will share with you testimonies of the joy and delight of celebrating with God, starting with this delightful testimony from the Philippines. 


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