Money Part 9 : The Great Transference of Wealth: BRINGING UP SARA 1.8

Feb 2023: We have come to the last post of this series on the topic of money. I will take a good breather after this to enjoy some me-time doing what I love - drinking coffee with God at a cafe in Europe or retreat to my quiet place in Australia, and catch up on reading the books He has already picked out for me. 

Remember earlier I shared how Jesus says we are to spend our money? To win friends, to network with people in the world? One of the best money I have spent was on an expensive conference I had attended in the US. I was attracted by its title: “The Great Wealth Transfer Conference” and by its logo of a burning flame (which is what V had called COBS people: Torchbearers).

Besides learning some very good tips from renowned wealth advisors and networking with business coaches and people, mainly from the US but also from other countries, I made some good friends in those few days as well.

There is a lot to learn from the world, one of which was the topic of how to leave a lasting legacy for my children, which the speaker shared from the examples of the old rich families he was a consultant for, and it is not merely financial. 

The other thing that caught my attention was this statement made by another speaker:

“Wealth Does Not Disappear, It Transfers”


It is so true, I thought. Wealth created in the world – buildings, land, businesses, gold and silver, and money in bank accounts – does not simply disappear. It transfers from one person, one organisation or one country to another. Unless something catastrophic happens and everything is destroyed. 

I observed then that every five to 10 years or so, the economy goes into a cyclical change and that is when wealth is transferred. So, we need to be in the right place, at the right time, armed with resources to reap from this wealth transference.

However, I felt saddened to see that when the transference happens, God’s people are not there to receive it – perhaps because they are simply too complacent or too busy serving the Church or Christian organisations, that they missed the boat.

Just look at the top business owners and wealthy people in the world today. Are the God-loving and God-fearing among them? Have the people of God become the wicked and lazy servants Jesus warned about (Matthew 25:20-30)?

The Holy Spirit tells me:

“Wealth in the hands of good people can do so much good. But wealth in the hands of the wicked will result in more grief for the world.”

I pray and hope that more of God’s people will be well-positioned for each transference, so that more good can be done in the hands of God-loving, God-fearing men and women and their future generations.


In Conclusion

With this, I conclude this series on the topic of money which I had learnt from God as a simple homemaker for the last thirty years or so, which I was led to write between 2015 to 2019. It has been difficult but I am glad and relieved that I have done it. 

To me, it is part of the legacy I leave for my children and grandchildren. 

May it inspire you to start building yours too. 

God bless you.



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