A New 15-Year Season: The Passage (Part 3)

MMM 8 January 2024

At the end of our worship, I started to show those present what I saw and drew. It brought back so many happy and exciting memories for Joanna and Sharon, who have gone on this journey with me over the years.

Florence handed me the book I talked about in the last post – I have forgotten that I had passed it to her last year to read about how it all began for us. She had intended to return it over Christmas but got too busy. 

I flipped to the page where I had drawn the vision of me in the red jacket in Colorado, USA. 

Joanna and Sharon remembered it, of course. For the rest, they can see the similarity with the scene in today’s worship song, Revive Us Again, which I shared in Part I.

The 15 Doors Passage

I shared with those present about the end of this season of triple grace and how V is saying that we are entering into a new 15-year season of Revival. I produced from my phone the picture I took at the hotel where we had our Christmas dinner. 

I thought then the lighted frames look like many doorways or gateways, like it is depicting a passageway, of 15 years of revival.

But I counted 13 only lighted “doors”. 

“So where is the 14th and 15th door?” I wondered.

The answer came immediately.

“The 14th door is the dark and heavy wooden one with the lighted red circle. You see it?”

Yes of course!

But I still don’t see the 15th door…


Shifting Doors

I pulled out another photograph we took in this passageway. My immediate thought when I flightsirst saw this picture was that the doors (the ) are shifting. 

What do you think?

To me, it was a sign that there is a shift, a change that is coming. 

So, we’d better be ready for it.

More about the shift in the next post…


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