A New 15-Year Season (Part 1)

MMM 8 January 2024

I am so happy to re-join the MMM (Monday Morning Meetings) after a one-year God-imposed hiatus. I cannot begin to describe how happy and good I felt to start the week worshipping God with other torchbearers. ☺

The screen flashed a familiar image shortly after the worship began.

This person wearing a red jacket… brought me back to 2008, 15 years ago, with a call to go to Colorado… and there, the vision of me in a red jacket, arms raised like this, in a snow-covered mountain. Which started the years of travels with V and the beginning of this community of broken spirits…

Not wanting to miss out anything I quickly pulled out my brand-new journal, ready to pen down what V is going to show me.


Starting with the dunamis in the middle box, I wrote: “Reviving Us”. I continued with the top and bottom, the two visions of the person in the red jacket, 15 years apart.

And added what I saw as I worshipped the Lord:

1. Water

The Lord was watering a very dry and barren land. Many seeds underneath the ground started sprouting green shoots. He says these seeds are our children and grandchildren. Good seeds that have been safely hidden are going to sprout in this season.

2. Breath of God

Next, I felt God breathing heavily and a strong wind filled the earth.  Then the heaviness broke. And a great storm with a lot of lightning came. (God has sent lightning on many occasions when the battle against dark forces became too much for me to handle).

3. Light

Then light came. V says it will provide clarity and peace and bring mental health back, especially to the young people.

4. Fire

And finally, there was fire as I laid prostrate on the floor completely. A strong fire came from heaven and I felt it pass over me as my body covered my loved ones under me. I know that the covering is prayer. I felt V showing me that as God works to give us success and victory in this Year of Jubilation over His enemy, we have to lie still, take cover and cover our loved ones.

It felt like I was lying down by gentle streams even as the fire raged above. My body did not feel the heat at all. It is like I had an anti-inflammatory, anti-heat protective covering over my back.

Signs and wonders: we will witness an incredible number of signs and wonders and miracle workings of God.

V continues to elaborate further… (more in next post)


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