2022: A Time To Do Nothing Else But To Hear

1 July 2022

Last month, I furiously did all I could do to clear up my to-do list of more than 60 items, mostly relating to my home, investments and personal matters, which I had put aside for months, doing first what God had asked of us. The month of June also saw the passing of my 100-year-old father-in-law. That was a praiseworthy event but it also meant a delay to my home repair works. Today, I have whittled down the list to 16 items, as handymen continue to work on my house. 


I thought to myself, 

“Ok, let me do a quick dash to get them all cleared up by this weekend.” 


But I feel V said softly, 

“Sara, it is July.” 

“Your birthday month.”

“It is time for me to celebrate you.”


Hahaha, ok Lord. 


So, I put everything aside to enjoy this day, indulging in the Lord. I found myself pasting stickers and doodling happy and sunshiny things onto my journal, delighting in the Lord, as He delights in me, thankful for the bit of energy left in me, somewhat amazed by how much had been accomplished in the past weeks. ☺


And that is when He said,

“It is time, remember?”


After returning from that exhausting trip to Canada on May 1, He had urged me to focus on my home affairs, exhorting COBS members to clear out, replace and secure our homes and our lives by June 30 - to be ready for whatever is going to hit us.


Then He said, from July onwards, it is time to start a season of praying (when God says it is time to pray, it usually is serious business). 


He listed 4 things to focus on for the rest of this year: 






As I set goals to read, and to write and to pray, V says, 

“It is hearing his Voice in all the reading, writing and praying that is key.” 

Ah so it is the time to be still, not in the doing or even reading or praying, to hear His Voice. So, this morning, I set aside all the urgent things on my list to simply do that. 


V led to read some of the posts for 2022. I realised that there is a lot in what God wants to show me. I really need to read them thoroughly, slowly and thoughtfully all over again. So, I decided to repost some of them, so that I can slowly digest and hear what God is saying about the rest of this year, the Year of the Supernatural. 


And how apt, I thought. This will be the perfect prelude to the upcoming podcast, “Season 6: Hearing the Voice of God”, which I had recorded in April/May, which will be released when the Chinese version is completed. 


God is certainly a very good planner. 

After all, time is in His hands.


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